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  • EMRO 60HT  EMI’s base oil product, is a severely hydrotreated naphthenic base oil with a  viscosity of 60. This is a re-refined product that meets or exceeds industry standards for base oil stocks being utilized in everything from greases, inks, and machining fluids to base blending compounds.


  • EMRO 60TO is EMI’s proprietary insulating oil. Our EMRO 60HT is further treated and refined to meet or exceed the industry insulation standard ASTM D3487.


  • EMRO 100HT EMI’s severely hydrotreated naphthenic base oil with a viscosity of 100.

EMI’s base oil products are, most importantly, an environmentally friendly, green product. By using EMI’s oil, your company reduces its carbon footprint by using a product that would have otherwise been burned, thereby also preventing the need for more crude oil production.

Custom Quantities

Further meeting your company’s needs, EMI is able to fulfill orders of smaller quantities; drums, totes, tankers, or railcars, we can ship it!

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