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EMRO 60HT, EMI’s base oil product, is a severely hydrotreated naphthenic base oil available in 60 viscosity. This is a re-refined product that meets or exceeds industry standards for base oil stocks being utilized in everything from greases, inks, and machining fluids to base blending compounds.

EMRO 60HT is also available as an insulating oil. The oil comes into our facility as used transformer oil, is severely hydrotreated, and brought back to industry insulation standards.

EMI’s base oil products are, most importantly, an environmentally friendly, green product. By using a recycled base oil product, your company not only reuses a petroleum product that would have otherwise been burned, but also prevents the need for more crude oil production. Cut your carbon footprint today with EMI’s EMRO 60HT.

EMDC 60:

EMDC 60 is a recycled transformer oil that has been filtered, dehydrated, and dechlorinated to destroy all PCBs. The oil is then used as a 60 viscosity naphthenic base oil. It averages “5”on the color scale, and is utilized in various markets such as explosives and construction.

The Latest at EMI

EMI's new transformer oil hydrotreator was featured in an article in the oil industry publication Lube Report.  You can read the article here

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