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About Us

EMI’s facility was specifically designed to end the environmental liability trail of used transformer oil, and to meet Federal and State standards regardless of volume. The facility consists of:

  • a 5,700 square foot office/shop building
  • a 3,600 square foot dechlorination building
  • a 3,600 square foot hydrogen process equipment building
  • an 18 tank, 300,000+ gallon concrete containment dike area
  • on and off-loading concrete containment driveways adjoining the tank farm and dechlorination building

EMI accepts any transformer oil with a polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) content of less than 50 ppm for recycling and/or disposal. The waste streams are segregated within the facility and handled according to all Federal and State regulations.

EMI’s transformer oil services combine a professional, quality control oriented staff with a state of the art facility to provide our clients with peace of mind concerning the handling of used transformer oil. Whether the oil has no detectable PCB’s or 49 ppm PCB, our facility and trained personnel will provide your company with the highest level of confidence that your environmental liability trail ends by utilizing EMI for transformer oil services.

All transformer oil brought into our facility is kept segregated by each transport load. The majority of the oil will be re-refined through EMI’s hydrogen treatment system. All contaminants, along with environmental threats and worries, are removed during the re-refining process, and oil treated in this system is refined to virgin quality base oil.

If the oil reflects a PCB content of 2 ppm to 49 ppm, and the silicone content is greater than 50 ppm, the oil is deposited into our PCB dechlorination facility. This segment of our facility consists of EPA and Kansas Department of Health & Environment permitted/approved equipment and technology for the effective destruction of PCBs in mineral oil using a Sodium metal reaction. This segment of our facility is separated from the rest of our operations and is contained within a totally enclosed concrete dike containment building. The state of the art equipment and technology produces a finished product which effectively ends any liability trail associated with PCB’s.

The Latest at EMI

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