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EMI’s facility, located in Kansas City, Kansas, was specifically designed to meet not only the environmental liability trail of spent/used transformer oil, but to meet federal and state standards regardless of volume. The facility consists of a 5,700 square foot office/shop building, 3,600 square foot blending building, and an 18 tank, 300,000+ gallon concrete total containment dike area. On and off-loading concrete containment driveways adjoin the tank farm and treatment buildings.

Our facility accepts any quality of transformer oil below 50 ppm PCB. The waste streams are segregated within the facility and handled according to all Federal and State regulations.

EMI’s transformer oil services combine a professional, quality control oriented staff with a state of the art facility to provide our clients with peace of mind concerning the handling of their used transformer oil. Whether the oil contains less than 2 ppm PCB or 49 ppm PCB, our facility and trained personnel will provide your company with the highest level of confidence that your environmental liability trail ends by utilizing EMI for transformer oil services.

All transformer oil brought into our facility is kept segregated by each transport load. Appropriate analysis reflecting silicone and PCB content, either provided by your firm or our independent laboratory will enable our personnel to correctly identify which segment of our facility will receive the oil. If the oil meets certain criteria it is run through our vacuum dehydrator and then filtered through our exclusive particulate filtration system before heading through our proprietary hydro-treatment system. Hydro-treating the oil removes contaminants and brings it back to virgin quality base oil. This oil is then stored in one of our 50,000 gallon finished oil tanks for shipment.

Trucking Services

EMI operates its own transportation services with a fleet of trucks that are specifically designed for handling one product, used transformer oil. Each trailer is equipped with the necessary fittings and hose to complete any job. Each unit has a specially designed pumping system for the handling of transformer oil. They are unique to the industry, and the most environmentally sound pumping system on any transport truck.

But what really sets EMI apart is that are our drivers are trained and experienced in the draining of not only storage tanks, but field transformer units and substations themselves.

Rail Services

EMI lease operates railcar transportation for bulk pick-up and deliveries of oil. EMI has contracts with numerous rail carriers to facilitate movement of its railcars to any region of the United States. Our railcars hold up to 26,000 gallons, and can be loaded and unloaded from our spurs throughout the country.

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